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At least 3 Business Days’ Notice Required & Our Availability of the Catered Date

Heavenly Celebrations Catering knows how we love that something sweet after eating those savory, heavenly foods…so we have created a “Pick & Choose” menu for satisfying that sweet tooth! It’s also fun to have your family and friends over for “Just Dessert” too!!...and why not surprise someone by having a special dessert delivered to their door!

___ Apple Dumplings-Sweet & Tart Apples incased in a buttery pastry simmered in a lightly cinnamon sauce

___ Pina Colada Cake-Butter cake base infused with pineapple & coconut with a decadent creamy topping

___ Strawberry Trifle-Layers of Angel cake chunks, strawberries, strawberry glaze and whipped cream

___ Coconut Brownie Delight-Decadent chocolate brownies topped with coconut crème and topped with chocolate icing

___ Pound Cake-A Southern Tradition of creamy ingredients creating a rich, moist cake. Choose from our most requested flavors of Cream Cheese, Chocolate, Buttermilk or Sour Cream

___ Chocolate Cola Cake-we make a rich chocolate cake that is infused with Cola and frosted with a chocolate frosting

___ Éclair Cake-one of the favorites! Layers of graham crackers sandwiched in between a creamy French vanilla custard and topped with a fudge layer as the top

___ Gooey Butter Cake-comes in Butter or Chocolate-a very buttery rich gooey cake topped with a sweet glaze

___Southern Strawberry Cake-cake infused with strawberry glaze and fresh strawberries and frosted with fresh strawberry buttercream frosting

___ Coconut Cake-moist & delicious and filled with fresh coconut, coconut milk & flavorings

___ Tuxedo Cake-layers upon layers of heavenly chocolate cake sandwiched between an amazing creamy whipped cream cheese goodness, topped with chocolate glaze dripping down the sides with white chocolate shavings on the top

___ Hummingbird Cake-tropical paradise cake topped with a cream cheese nut frosting

___ Tall Creamy Cheesecake. Choose plain with optional fruit topping, Turtle cheesecake or Oreo cheesecake

___ Brownie Trifle-layers and layers of chocolate brownie chunks, chocolate glaze, whipped cream and caramel drizzle

___ Carrot Cake-moist layers of cinnamon spiced butter based cake infused with carrots, nuts, and coconut topped with a creamy cream cheese frosting

___ Red Velvet Cake-delicious & moist red chocolate layers with Pecan Cream Cheese Frosting

___ German Chocolate Cake-German chocolate cake layers topped with coconut pecan cream cheese frosting

___ Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake-Grandma’s recipe of delicious chocolate layers topped with a special chocolate frosting. Yummy Memories!

___ Banana Split Cake-taste just like the banana split you use to get at the Ice cream Parlors…without the ice cream! It even has the crushed pineapple and topped with a cherry!

___ Cupcakes-way too many to list. Just about each cake can become a cupcake!

___ Chocolate Pie

___ Lemon Pie

___Peanut Butter Pie

___ Key Lime Pie

___ Coconut Pie

___ Pecan Pie

___ Derby Pie-taste like a gooey Chocolate chip cookie with pecans! Very requested and great served warm!

___ Cherry Cheese Pie-graham cracker crust with creamy cream cheese filling and topped with cherry glaze

___Strawberry Pie

___ Hawaiian Cream Pie-Creamy filling infused with pineapple & pecans

___ Buried Treasure Pie–whipped vanilla custard with fresh strawberries

___ Apple Pie

___ German Chocolate Pie-chocolate, pecans & coconut

So give us a call today: 804-237-2111 or send us an email: heavenlycelebrations@gmail.com

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